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Happy clients are saying:

 After a few days of working with Dallas, I figured out quickly how to adjust my meals to fit my daily intake. After the first week, I noticed a big difference in my energy levels throughout the day. After 2 months I have lost 12 pounds, during the day and in the evenings I don't have energy level swings. The best thing about learning how to properly nourish your body is that you feel like you can accomplish more during your day. I highly recommend that everyone should try out the program and experience the benefits for themselves. 

Hiring Dallas as my dietitian and coach has been an overall incredible learning experience. As a veteran 'dieter' I have always placed my weight-loss focus on the number on the scale, the product of my work. Dallas, has shown me a more mindful and holistic approach to weight-loss that I truly believe will end the yo yo dieting. He encourages me to look at the process and find my success in how food nourishes me and makes me feel. As I began to pay attention to these things, I noticed myself making decisions based on the way I feel and my energy levels rather than a number on the scale. Overall I am so grateful for this experience. 

Dallas' advice and recipes helped me fill in gaps in my nutrition plan I didn't know were missing. With a few minor tweaks to what I was doing, I managed to loose pretty much a pound a week and set some PR's on the way. He made it simple! I can't wait to get back into the gym to train again with how I am feeling.


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